Terms and Conditions

WARRANTY POLICY – Effective from 1st January 2024

All products supplied by Brian James Trailers Ltd of Daventry, UK (henceforth referred to as ‘Brian James Trailers’) benefit from a manufacturer warranty for a period of 1 year from the date of sale to the customer. Items suffering from defective manufacturing processes or materials will be replaced by the company in accordance with statutory protection afforded under law. Warranty claims which are found to have resulted from damage, misuse, evident lack of maintenance or required adjustments, will not be upheld. 

Depending on the nature of the claim, Brian James Trailers reserves the right, when presented with a claim under its warranty policy, to refer to its experience, know-how, and understanding of the evidence when making a decision on warranty approval. 

Brian James Trailers sells its products via a network of approved distributors, dealers, and resellers. In order to be considered as valid, customers must present all warranty claims to the approved dealer or reseller from whom the product was originally purchased. Brian James Trailers will then expect to receive the full details of the claim from the dealer and all communication in relation to the matter will be conducted with the dealer. 

5 Year Manufactured Parts Warranty
Brian James Trailers provides an extension of 4 years to give a total 5 year warranty on parts that are manufactured and designed by Brian James Trailers. This specifically excludes parts that have been designed and manufactured by third-party manufacturers, from whom Brian James Trailers will typically only receive a 1 year warranty. 

For guidance purposes only, manufactured parts might typically consist of the following items:
- The galvanised chassis
- Drawbars
- Loading ramps.
- Cross-members.
- Various other components bolted to the chassis that are manufactured entirely from a single metallic material such as galvanised steel, pre-galvanised steel, plastic-coated steel or aluminium.

Purchased parts might typically consist of, but are not limited to, the following items:
- Wheel and tyres.
- Axles, and all axle-associated parts such as swing arms, hubs, bearings, brakes etc.
- Winches.
- Batteries.
- All items relating to lighting and wiring.
- Overruns and coupling heads.
- Ratchet straps.
- GRP components.
- General accessories.

Ultimately Brian James Trailers knows and will confirm whether any part in question has been designed and manufactured by Brian James Trailers or by a third-party supplier, and therefore will decide which level of warranty is applicable in each case. The underlying intention is to provide generous warranty support on the items for which manufacturing and warranty responsibility lies solely with Brian James Trailers and is not subject to the individual warranty policies and manufacturing standards of its suppliers. Brian James Trailers does however commit to only working with suppliers who uphold the highest standards of production and quality control, within the bounds of what it can realistically oversee. 

In the event of a failed item falling within the warranty period detailed in this document, warranty cover will be approved as long as the following conditions are also met:

The trailer has never been over-loaded at any time. Evidence of such a condition may be that the components have been twisted as opposed to have broken.
The trailer has never been involved in an accident at any time. Accidents, even some time ago, can lead to weakening of components and subsequent failure.
The trailer has not been used in a way that is obviously contrary to the intended purpose of the product. For example, a car transporter being used to carry plant equipment.
The trailer chassis has never been modified from the originally supplied design.
The date of first claim is less than 1 year from the date of invoice to the customer, or 5 within years on an item manufactured solely by Brian James Trailers.

Warranty claims against the quality of galvanising will, in general, not be upheld, unless any of the following are true:

- The trailer is relatively new in age or mileage and has suffered excessive aesthetic degradation to a clear defect in the quality of the galvanising, subject to an independent assessment by a qualified galvanising expert.
- The trailer is displaying rust on items that were originally hot-dipped galvanised or pre-galvanised. The exception to this rule is the cut edges of pre-galvanised material, which are not protected and therefore not covered under warranty.

General aesthetic degradation of the product after the day it is galvanised is a natural and unavoidable aspect of the nature of galvanised steel products, and therefore general aesthetic degradation, most typically in the form of dulling, is not covered under warranty.