New year, new names

New year, new names
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Brian James Trailers have been designing and manufacturing class leading trailers for over 40 years, and in that time we have given them all manner of names.

With the A2 and A4 Transporter range, we referenced the number of wheels. With the C2 and C4 Blue ranges we referenced the colour. And with the new General Plant replacing a number of trailers making the ‘CarGO’ name redundant, we have to admit, it had become confusing.

A new, more consistent approach was needed, one that makes names clearer and simpler.


The following is the list of new names and what they have replaced.


A Transporter - was A2 and A4 Transporter

C Transporter - was C2 and C4 Blue

Eco Plant - was CarGO Eco Plant2

Digger Plant 2 - was CarGO Digger Plant2

Tipper 2 - was CarGO Tipper2

Connect - was CarGO Connect

Connect Compact - was CarGO Connect Compact